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Massage Etiquette

Massage is a lot more enjoyable if you are properly prepared. Massage etiquette will ensure that you get quality service while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

Make sure that you book an appointment at a time which is convenient for you. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early, and make sure that you do not need to rush off after your appointment to another destination.

On the day of your massage or spa treatment, make sure to shower and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Being clean is an important part of massage etiquette since your massage therapist is going to be handling your body. You should also take off your jewelry, as it can interfere with a massage.

Always turn off cell phones, pagers, and other digital devices before entering a spa. This basic massage etiquette makes your session more comfortable and ensures that other spa clients are not disturbed.

When you meet your massage therapist, it is a good idea to go over your expectations for the massage. If you have areas which you want the massage therapist to address, request that he or she focus on them, and do not be afraid to talk about any concerns you may have.

Clothing is often an issue in massage etiquette. You should always undress to your personal level of comfort. The massage therapist can usually offer the best massage if you are nude, but he or she can also adapt if you prefer to wear underwear or a bathing suit during the session. Whether you go naked or prefer to remain modest, you will be draped at all times during the massage.

You should also provide feedback to your massage therapist; if you want him or her to go deeper or to work more in a certain area, for example, express it.

Tipping after a massage or body treatment is another tricky aspect of massage etiquette. Standard tips range from 15-20%, although you are not obligated to tip. Be aware that if you do not tip, the massage therapist may think that you were unsatisfied with the massage; if you choose not to tip, you should clearly express your satisfaction, or lack thereof, with the experience.

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